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Local Government and Municipal Law

Moore Smith Buxton & Turcke acts as general counsel to numerous Idaho political subdivisions. This role includes providing advice and coordinating with staff in day-to-day operations, analysis of specific legal issues, and long-term planning to minimize legal exposure while meeting the duly-adopted policy goals of elected officials.

Small governmental bodies face a unique challenge in hiring legal counsel. They must resolve the same spectrum of challenging legal issues as larger entities, but typically face budget constraints which limit their ability to recruit and retain "in-house" counsel experienced in every diverse facet of municipal law. Since we serve a group of political subdivisions MSBT creates an "economy of scale" which allows us to equip and maintain a team of attorneys experienced in all aspects of local government law. In addition to our full-time staff of attorneys and legal assistants, we routinely coordinate with other lawyers and professional consultants, comprising an uninterrupted network of support on local government issues. For many small entities, we offer this blend of talent and experience at a lower cost than a single attorney's salary.

The hallmark of a successful municipal attorney is the ability to quietly get the job done. The members of the MSBT team have spent decades successfully meeting this goal for many Idaho political subdivisions.

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Natural Resources and Public Lands Law

Moore Smith Buxton & Turcke works with a diverse range of natural resources and public lands clients, including mining companies, timber producers and trade associations, livestock operators, water appropriators, land exchange facilitators, guides and outfitters, local businesses and municipalities, recreation enthusiasts, and grassroots recreation advocacy organizations. Some of these clients face new dilemmas, while others are veterans of decades of administrative and judicial scrutiny. All of our clients demand excellent and timely service from lawyers knowledgeable of past history but ready to craft "outside the box" solutions to complex challenges.

We assist entities and organizations capable of understanding and implementing both short- and long-term strategies to achieve their goals. Such strategies routinely involve a blend of executive, legislative and judicial branch activities. Through our experienced staff and network of consultants Moore Smith Buxton & Turcke is well-positioned to deliver capable and cost-efficient services to all types of natural resources and public lands clients.

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Municipal Finance Law

There are a handful of bond counsel licensed to practice in Idaho. During his career Michael C. Moore has facilitated hundreds of closings on issuances involving every conceivable type of permissible public project. Moore Smith Buxton & Turcke has acted as bond counsel on projects large and small, ranging from upgrades to small water systems to the State of Idaho Tax Anticipation Notes. Under Mike’s tutelage and continuing presence, Stephanie Bonney has developed the qualifications and experience to oversee this practice and continue the firm’s longstanding reputation.

Our municipal bond practice reflects knowledge of legal limits and procedural requirements. Our municipal finance clients are interested in reducing risk and completing projects. Our extensive background in Idaho municipal finance law, local government law and day-to-day operations of political subdivisions makes MSBT uniquely qualified to deliver on these goals.

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Family Law

There are few things in this world as touchy as the complications that can arise in family life. Our firm can provide an objective and skillful perspective to frame your concerns in a legal setting. Our practice focuses on divorce representation in southwest Idaho, but we can assist clients throughout the entire State of Idaho. In addition to divorce, we provide services in other aspects of family law including child custody, support, paternity, adoption, guardianships and conservatorships, and prenuptial agreements. These issues can create difficult challenges, and our family law team has decades of experience striking the right balance between passionate advocacy and informed advice.

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Moore Smith Buxton & Turcke offers bankruptcy representation and other commercial law services in the State of Idaho. Our staff and experienced attorneys can help you determine if bankruptcy is the best solution or whether you should pursue other routes to clear up or collect your debt. Our range of bankruptcy and commercial law services include Chapters 7 and 13 bankruptcy representation for individuals and businesses, debtor and creditor representation, assistance with filing, debt negotiation and payment plan restructuring, and collections.

In accordance with the Bankruptcy Act of 2005, we are a Debt Relief Agency and we Help People File for Bankruptcy Relief Under The Bankruptcy Code.